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Hello, mates!

One more shot is ready and I would like to share it with Dribbble community. Today I am presenting the design concept of a website for a small bakery selling homemade bread. Here you can see the home page presenting the service, providing the links giving more information about the company and the items it offers as well as links to social accounts. I did my best to activate different techniques of visual perception via headline, images, background and copy block so that users could get the basic information immediately and got the warm feeling of freshly baked bread. As usual, I followed the philosophy of minimalism which is user-friendly, attractive and informative.

To share more ideas we get working on design projects and concepts in Tubik Studio, we regularly update Tubik Blog with new articles. The latest one is focused on the aspect of design of efficient landing pages. Welcome to join!

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Posted on Jun 1, 2016
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