Lars van Zadelhoff

Rising Shots, Herrow!

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Rising Shots, Herrow! mountain rising sun thanks invites debut first illustrator japanese japan illustration new invite

First off, I would like to thank Jessie Maisonneuve for the opportunity and invite to this lovely community! Domo-Arigato! I will do my best to contribute to this network sharing my passion for both design and Japan.

I recently started my own company called SAKUI, which literally means - "the intention of art". As I'm heavily japanese inspired and influenced, taking a japanese name was the only logical thing to do. As for my debut shot, I wrapped up my company logo into the famous Dribbble logo.

I've got a thing for beautiful landscapes and mountains, as I've been using in my own Visual Identitiy. Therefore, I illustrated the rugged mountain area with the Dribbble x SAKUI logo illustrated as a new and upcoming designer rising up into the world. Hence, inspired by the all-time famous Japanese rising sun.

Arigato means 'Thank You' in Japanese, translated downbelow in Hiragana aswell.

Pleasure meeting you all!

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