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Daily UI #006 - User Profile

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Daily UI #006 - User Profile user profile twitter daily 006 dailyui ui concept

Daily UI #006 - User Profile

In hindsight, this challenge was a turning point in how I approach interface design. (I started this daily UI challenge before I had a dribbble account, so I am in the process of posting some of the older challenges.)

Instead of posting static UI's, I began exploring interaction and the overall role it plays in the interface's design. I also began trying to put my designs in a real life context in order to solve a real problem. In this case, I attempted to create a discover page where you could explore a variety of recommended user profiles based on who you follow. This dedicated discover page would allow users to easily view the profiles basic information and browse through a variety of profiles more easily than what the app currently has. Going forward, I'm going to try my best to focus on more goal orientated design thinking by implementing meaningful design consideration to either achieve an actual goal or solve a problem, instead of just solely focusing on visual design or aesthetics.

Hopefully by doing this, I can take out as many arbitrary decisions as possible in my design process :)

* P.S. anybody now how to change the viewer to 1080 instead of 720 in Origami? I'm unfortunately stuck screen-recording at 720, hence the poor quality gif :(

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