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Köln, Coat of Arms

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Köln, Coat of Arms germany coat of arms koeln cologne koln

I'm loving the German cities and their logos. "Coat or Arms" is synonymous with logo, right? Köln's dates back 1000 years. In the tradition of evolving the logo, I've adopted a variant of the more modern illustration of a german eagle. Cologne's version has two heads. On the german eagles referenced, the wings are illustrated to be longer on the outside and shorter on the inside. For this piece, I kept to the shorter outside wings observed on the samples from Cologne. Part of the fun in these projects is learning about city.

The crest at the heart of the eagle has three crowns. These crowns are said to represent the Magi, more commonly known as the Three Wise Men, whose bones are said to be kept in they city's famous cathedral - branding, right!

Read more about the inspiration here:

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