Rob Halford

Infinity Delivery - Debut Shot

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Infinity Delivery - Debut Shot word mark logo work in progress diffuse shadow shadow flat clean fade delivery infinity debut

Hi Dribbble.

First off massive shout out to @Florin Diaconu for drafting me - I wont let you down man! And @Sam Hainsworth for organising the first Leeds Dribbble Meetup, which was a resounding success!

So, this is my debut shot of a up and coming project that should be going live this year, so I'll have lots more to show in the coming months… As well as plenty of other ideas and projects I've got tucked away. So bear with me. I'll try to make sure it's worth the wait.

Really looking forward to contributing to such a awesome community, and finally getting to speak to you guys and gals about your amazing work.


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