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How is it going? I think there is nobody here who doesn't like making a day better with something tasty. And I am the one also! Suppose, good food is the great way to feel the world more positive. Being inspired with the topic, today I would like to present you my new shot which this time features my effort in interface animation. This is the concept of a mobile application for a chain of cafes providing the functionality for saving coupons and discounts and then using them buying tasty stuff. I added some interface animation to make the screen and interactions more lively and engaging. Hope, it looks delicious!

Here in Tubik Studio we are enjoying spring mood and try to put the best of it into our current projects and concepts. Also, we take our time to discuss latest trends as well as share some of our ideas and recommendations on design issues in Tubik Blog. One of the latest articles considers the purposes of using Animated Interactions in user interfaces, welcome to look through.

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