Pumperlgsund Good Eggwhites — Product page

Pumperlgsund landing2

Hey guys,

Happy to say, we’ve just launched a new product on German market. All about protein and healthy food. Behind that product — super long and super interesting process: from generative identity and dynamic logo (including failed attempts to animate it, which then was coded even better), from package design, to renders, to shooting food, recipes, ingredients, bottles and people.

Here’s the landing page for the product. Narrative is set around the bottle through revealing it step by step: what is inside, why is it good for you, why does it exist, and what you can use it for. Narrative is supported with some realtime webgl effects and smooth scrolling, to maintain curiosity.

All special effects like glass distortion and yolk-like metaballs are realtime \m/

Check it live


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