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Happy Puppy – The funniest dog name generator

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I'm incredibly happy that we finally can show you this.

– App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id988667081
– Desktop version http://www.mypuppy.name

Meet Happy Puppy – probably the funniest name generator for your puppies (and for all of your pets actually) which I made with a genius developer Vlastimil Fiser.

One day I realized that everyone around me has a wonderful name for his dog. And I was sure that to my dog I will give some really really bad name. I started looking for an inspiration but I found just endless and boring lists. I was like "I want an app that would show random options. Where I could click and see a name. Do I like the name? Save it. Do I not like it? Let me click again and view another name". I told that to Vlastimil a few months ago and he instantly fell in love with it and we started working on it immediately.

It is a brand new iPhone and web app for generating funny and unique names with more than 1400 names for both genders. You can view the stream of random names or specify them by gender, popularity or the beginning letter. And when you think you found the right name, just hit the heart icon and add it to a personalised list, which you can share, send to someone in an email or just keep it for yourself.

App is completely free. If you have any questions, feedback, ideas – we both are ready to help you with that. Write us to love@mypuppy.name.

Can't wait to hear what do you think about that.


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