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Do you prefer freelancing or working in the team? In the sphere of design, it is still one of the popular issues to discuss as both workstyles (and lifestyles actually) have benefits and drawbacks. This week we have published the article in Tubik Blog called Design Workstyle. Freelance vs Teamwork which I would like to present you with this shot. In it, we have gathered our ideas about high and low sides of both styles of working based on real life experience of our designers. The shot features lettering by studio designer Denys Boldyriev.

Obviously, the style and way of design work is highly individual and determined by many reasons. Here in Tubik Studio we have gathered people who are consciously keen to take all the advantages of teamwork. We think that teamwork organized thoughtfully doesn’t take away designers’ individual space or freedom. Vise versa, it adds the power of solid support and prospective ways for bigger and more complex, therefore more interesting and challenging design tasks. Creative day to everyone!

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