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How is it going today? Here in Tubik Studio life is full of motion and interactions as the team is loaded with devoted work on UI/UX, illustration and branding projects as well as creating new concepts and sharing our thoughts in Tubik Blog. Keeping this productive wave, I want to shot here some updates on my previous concept. Refreshing the idea for you, that is a web template for a widget enabling a user to track the status of a mailing item. This time I offer you the version which is livened up with animation. The piece of interaction presented is input of the serial number and obtaining the data on the delivery status of the item.

Extensive experience of accomplishing design tasks for user interfaces shows how important it is to enhance clear and efficient microinteractions which should be supported with all the elements of the layout. This is the way to create an attractive user-friendly product solving pains and satisfying wishes of the target audience. And we are always keen to support our position with case studies and articles about various design issues. Stay tuned!

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