Vantage ID

A logo for a walk-in tub manufacturer.

Walk-In Tubs combine safety with the powers of hydrotherapy to relieve your pain and boost your energy. Mainly targeted at elder people, once you are safely in the tub, you can choose from a variety of hydro-therapeutic soaking tub features such as massaging water jets to create a spa-like experience in your home. This type of tub is a classy product for people who, despite their age, still need a calming, therapeutical experience. And where to have this sort of experience if not in the comfort of your own home. Destined to be as long-lasting as the products it portrays, and the clients it serves, the Vantage logo combines the power of a very suggestive symbol with a clean, modern, easy to read typographic approach.

Unfortunately the logo was dismissed by the client.

Posted on Jan 28, 2016
Razvan Garofeanu
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