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Hey Dribbblers!

Who else here is totally addicted to books? πŸ“šβœ¨

🎧 Just dropped a sneak peek of our audiobook app's dark mode! Perfect for all you night owls who love a good story before bed. πŸŒ™

The key features are:

🌟 Explore New Reads: Discover your next favorite book with personalized recommendations.

πŸ“– Save Quotes: Capture and save your favorite quotes for inspiration anytime. 🎧 Listen to Books: Enjoy seamless, high-quality audio for all your book adventures.

πŸ“Š Track Your Listening: Keep tabs on all the books you've listened to with detailed stats.

πŸ† Annual Challenges: Set and conquer yearly reading goals to stay motivated.

Who's ready to dive into a new chapter?

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