Hate Mondays - App Concept

On a typical manic Monday morning I decided to type "Hate Mondays" into the App Store, hoping to find some comical apps to combat those Monday blues. Turns out there’s nothing. However, if you search "Monday" several productivity apps pop up.

But that’s not what I was looking for.

What if there was an app specifically designed to tackle those Monday blues with the advice your brain so desperately needs? An app that tells you exactly what you want to hear but perhaps have not thought of yet?

And so to the drawing board I went.

Introducing Hate Mondays - A simple, no fuss app concept where every Monday you receive a notification to essential pearls of wisdom, and for those who want to keep score of their Monday survival, I’ve included a streak feature to help tally your resilience.

David TJ Powell
Lead Graphic & Product Designer

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