Cheseto - Point of Sale Dashboard Saas App

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Cheseto is a cashier system (POS) dashboard SAAS application that can help to service sales transactions for a restaurant.




Screen Preview

Here is the explanation of the screens:

  • Home Screen → Previewing summary of the cashier system point of sales such as, order status, trending dishes, income, and out of stock menu.

  • Table Screen → Previewing the order activities that showing the customer’s name, order number, table number.

  • Menu Screen → Showing the list of dishes that available in restaurant. It also previewing the order’s summary and task for printing the bills.

  • Order Screen → The summary of order. Available for print the orders as a bills.

  • History Screen → Previewing the history of order with some categorized; order number, date, table number, total revenue, and payment method,

  • Profile Screen → Previewing the restaurant profiles or user who manage the restaurant.

  • Report Screen → Previewing the reports of sales activity by summary, or some categorized menu such as payment method, discount, taxes, category sales, item sales, and modifier sales.

  • Alert Screen → Showing the order status by three categorized, ongoing order, done order, and cancelledorder.

Design Properties


  • Pixel Perfect

  • Well Organized Layers, Groups, & Name

  • 100% Ready for Customize

  • Free font

  • Clean, Modern & Stylish

  • Light Theme

  • Ready for Figma, XD, and Sketch

  • 100% vector





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Posted on May 17, 2024
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