🚨 New Series Alert: 2D/3D Mix Scapes!

🚨 New Series Alert: 2D/3D Mix Scapes! I need your input: how long should a good art series be? Let me know below.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you've probably noticed that I love creating series-based artwork. I've done this with 20-30 series of my personal work. So why do I keep coming back to this approach? Here's why:

As a designer by day and illustrator by night, I see each series as a unique brand identity, crafted through consistent color palettes, textures, compositions, and overall visual themes. This approach allows me to bring a design mindset into my artwork while exploring new creative territories.

The best part? It keeps me excited and engaged. Designing these series has been more educational than any class or tutorial, giving me the freedom to experiment without burning out.

I encourage you to find something that sparks joy in your creative process. When it feels fun and natural, you're more likely to stay inspired. Oh, and remember: create more than you consume. ⚡️

So, what do you think? How many pieces should be in a good art series? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Brad Hansen
Creative Director, Designer, & Illustrator

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