Foo Fighters Graphic

I’ve been waiting so long to share the final @foofighters shirt design I illustrated for the upcoming tour merch. And through that time, this bad boy didn’t make it, though. Let it be a reminder that not all projects make it through the gauntlet. It’s tough not to see all the hours that go into our work not to be seen. But the effort and experience remains. I’m still pretty stoked to have the opportunity. With each project, I’m constantly learning something new that can be applied to other projects. Thats truly what makes our job as a creative so rewarding. And the final illustration looks fun too, so nothing to beat myself up over. It’s not every day that we get the chance to create something new for one of your favorite bands. It’s a exciting experience but ultimately, it will only live within a file. And a portfolio. Haha Until I get another chance…🤘🔥✏️😁 but ultimately I wanted to share the work I’m proud of even if it doesn’t make it past the screen. Keep creative my friends. The journey is always unpredictable, but the fact we get to draw for a living is the most rewarding part. 🙏🙏🙏

Tyler Pate
Graphic Designer Illustrator, Problem Solver.

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