Tropic - Hand Drawn Font Duo

Tropic Font Duo is a hand drawn typeface pairing from brand identity design studio Ulysses Design Co inspired by vintage wood type. Combine Tropic Bold and Tropic Sans to create bold branding, apparel and collateral design.

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Tropic Font Duo comes in 2 styles giving you the flexibility to create dynamic and cohesive design work for your projects. Tropic Sans is an all caps hand drawn sans serif typeface that is the perfect pairing for Tropic Bold. Use the big, bold and bodacious Tropic Bold for display and compliment it with the more subtle Tropic Sans to create balanced and impactful design work.

Tropic Bold is a hand drawn hommage to Gothic Bold. Gothic Bold is a reversed-stress wood type design from 1800s American printing that features tall letters and sharp angular corners. Tropic Bold is an expanded, softer version of an old classic with rounded corners, subtle imperfections and lots of attitude.

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Want to try before you buy? No problemo. Download a trial version of Tropic Bold FREE. The trial version includes the full alphabet and a personal license.

Get the font duo with full alphabet, numbers and punctuation with an unlimited commercial license for 20 bucks.

Download Trial for FREE

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