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Hey! Check out our Photography Website design πŸ“Έ

🌟 We created a website for Nina Dizer who is a photographer famous for her unique view of life and shooting style. She specializes in creating photos that evoke mixed emotions and deeply impress the audience 🀩

🌞 The hero page is a stylish and aesthetic space where photos serve as accents. The website itself provides the FAQ answers and the price list for services. Here, users can learn more about the photographer and get a personalized promo code πŸ‘

🎨 The combination of beige πŸ“” and blue 🌊 creates a stylish and elegant visual image. The neutral beige color makes a background for the content and gives a sense of warmth and naturalness. Due to its persistent and relaxing energy, blue makes the website more attractive and professional. This combination creates the effect of harmony and sophistication. It emphasizes the importance of photos displayed on the website πŸ”₯

Press πŸ’œ if you like our design and share feedback!

Interface by Maria Verhutina

Motion by Nikita Rozhkov

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