Real Estate: AI Asset Assistant

This exploration is part of a larger initiative designed to help property managers make more informed decisions using their Sibi data. Sibi's AI assistant helps understand their asset history and data and turn it into actionable insights.

On the asset details tab, property managers can find asset attributes (color, age, materials, product specifications) and asset history (who installed it, how many times was it installed). They can then take action with quick replies based on their data to help guide them to make actionable decisions.

If they ask a quick reply or switch to the Ask Sibi tab, the assistant helps them dig into their asset history and help with maintenance, claiming a warranty, or even finding the best replacement options. When something needs to be replaced, the assistant takes a look at the asset's history and the property data to suggest products that will work with the property's specifications. I.e. recommending only electric appliances for properties with electric setups, instead of gas appliances.

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