AeroPass - Branding for the flight booking application

branding for the flight booking application

AeroPass: Take Flight with Your Dreams

Outcrowd is thrilled to set you soaring with the brand identity for AeroPass, an innovative travel application designed to do more than just book flights – it empowers you to find your wings and embrace the world.

AeroPass: Where Adventure Takes Off

AeroPass isn't just a ticketing platform; it's a gateway to a world of memorable experiences. Their brand believes that travel isn't just about reaching a destination, it's about the exhilaration of flight, the thrill of discovery, and the freedom to explore.

This was our starting point in shaping the company's branding, so let's take a look at what we ended up withπŸ‘‡

logo design for the flight booking service

A Logo That Soars

The AeroPass logo is a powerful symbol of the brand's mission. It seamlessly blends the letter "A" (representing "Aero") with a stylized airplane wing, taking flight toward new horizons.

This visual synergy embodies the company's commitment to helping the client navigate the skies and chart their own course.

logo design for the flight booking application

A Color Palette Painted with Wanderlust

The AeroPass color palette is meticulously chosen to evoke the very essence of travel:

  • Orange: A burst of energy and sophistication, highlighting AeroPass's unique position in the travel sphere.

  • Black and White: A touch of modernity and contrast, ensuring a sharp and stylish aesthetic.

  • Gray: A gentle reminder of the vastness of the sky, symbolizing the limitless possibilities of flight.

logomark for the flight travel application
logo design for the travel application

A Design That Inspires Confidence

The overall design leans towards rounded shapes and soft edges, conveying a sense of comfort and security.

The bold orange and black hues create a distinctive and energetic brand identity that captures customers' attention and fuels their travel dreams.


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