Boston General Store (Safety Matches)

It was a real blast working on these safety matches by Boston General Store telling the stories of two major events from the history of Boston.

While one side is dedicated to to the Boston Tea Party the other sight shows a depiction of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. Both sides adorned with coins and embellishments that further enhance the major illustrations and giving it a vibe of late 19th century packaging.

For the fonts I used several amazing fonts like Pentz & Tiller from Brian Brubaker, Schmaltzy by Herzberg Design Co. and Heist from Jason Carne among others. As usual the photography is by Chris Moyer.

The design as well as the presentation, photography is absolutely real, hands on and free from any AI generated nonsense (yes, even this text you read). And my work will stay that way. Just sayin.

Also don't forget to check out the Boston General Store and all the goodies it holds.

⚡️Here you can buy the matches!⚡️

Thanks for your time. You can find more of my work here:


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