Drug Test Innocence Website 3D Animation

Let's unveil another project touching a social issue, which we made in collaboration with Zealous.

Now two of our projects, Advocacy Through Walls and Drug Test Innocence are Webby nominees in Law category, support us with your vote if you like our work.

Here's a glance at the Drug Test Innocence.

With thoughtful arrangement of massive content and the power of visual storytelling, this online resource uncovers the devastating impact of inaccurate field drug tests, the largest source of wrongful arrests and convictions in the United States, and offers considerations and solutions on how to limit that impact.

Stay tuned to see more!

If you want to collaborate, contact us via hire@tubikstudio.com

Also, welcome to check a detailed design case study on Decriminalize Poverty, the previous award-winning project we made for Zealous.

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