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Weisman Design Group, a well-known Seattle landscape architecture firm, was approaching its 40th anniversary when leadership determined its then-current branding no longer reflected its team, mission, and personality. The firm connected with People People, a Seattle-based branding studio, to undergo a full rebrand, including a name change and a new visual identity. In tandem with fresh messaging and a new website, People People has rebranded Weisman DesignGroup as Flora Landscape Architects.

Fora, the plural of ‘forum,’ signifies a place for openness and exchange, where ideas and conversation occur. In its original Latin, ‘Fora’ means ‘what is out of doors,’ a fitting name for a firm creating spaces to connect people with the natural world.

People People drew inspiration from Fora’s creative, welcoming personality and the meaning behind the name to inform its new visual identity. Designers created a custom ‘f’ featuring hard angles and rounded edges to represent the intersection of nature and the built environment.

The new identity is brought to life via a suite of bright colors that reflect Fora’s optimism and curiosity, with a nod to the variety of projects and spaces the firm creates. To complete the rebrand, People People assisted Fora’s team in updating its core messaging, including mission, firm profile, and principle bios, and designed and developed a new website.

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Posted on Mar 27, 2024

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