Branding — Buiten De Box

What do a language virtuoso and a moving company have in common?

To that, the only correct answer is: the love for each other, each other's word and their desire to entrepreneur.

She goes by the name Barbara Ceuleers. In Dutch we say 'Weet van wanten' but she knows even more about words and also a about gold. Because as a creative word artist, she turns gold nuggets on paper. Just imagine what it means to your business if it bows over your writing. Done with td errors and constructions of half...

He is a fan of Barbara. If he could, he'd take her to work every day. Preferably in a cardboard box with a blue sticker on it. Tim knows how to move mountains. Mountains and furniture. He's the person you call when you want to empty your attic to finally make room for that indoor pool.

More about Tim coming soon, now a word to Barbara:

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