neula 2.0

Project overview

Neula want to give companies, especially at the scaling stage, the ability to quickly and easily automate every area in the company with ready-to-use no-code apps and to simply turn on AI-boost in every automated process. It's as simple as adding a new app to your smartphone from the Appstore, with the difference that Neula apps are shared throughout the company and you can modify them as you wish, just with ’clicks’ and AI, no-code!

New apps and automations may appear in your company on daily basis, but your team still works on the same, super convenient, AI-assited, well-known and loved task board. Just the tasks may come from different sources (apps).

Apps are built not by programmers (who have no industry knowledge), but by industry experts (internal specialists, external consultants, advisors) who have no programming skills. All thanks to no-code technology and powerful AI assistants that guarantee professional conversion of ideas into tools. We believe that building the Neula community will change the way the IT industry works.

Sample components

I created many components that are used in many places in the store.

All components are included in the styleguide.

Sample styleguide

A simple guide describing all components

Sample icons

I used simple and clear icons to improve navigation on the platform.

Typeface & colors

Express youself with good typography & colours

Sample desktop pages

Some examples of desktop websites

Sample mobile pages

Some examples of mobile websites

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