Fundex - Branding for the blockchain-powered loan platform

logo design for the blockchain loan platfrom

Fundex: Democratizing Crypto Loans

Outcrowd is proud to unveil the complete brand identity for Fundex, a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that's redefining access to crypto loans and investments.

We crafted a comprehensive experience on this project that covered:

  • Complete brand identity (logo, colors, brand guidelines, marketing materials)

  • Promotional landing page

  • The platform's UX/UI design

Today we will talk about complete brand identity👇

logo design for the crypto loan platfrom

The Logo: A Symbol of Growth & Stability

The Fundex logo is a powerful visual representation of their mission.

A rectangular shape conveys stability and trust, a crucial foundation for any financial platform.

Nestled within, an abstract, a zigzagging growth graph symbolizes continuous financial progress.

This visual synergy captures the essence of Fundex – providing a solid foundation for achieving financial goals.

color palette for the blockchain startup

A Color Palette Inspiring Trust & Growth

Outcrowd selected a compelling color palette to amplify Fundex's brand identity further.

Blue, a dominant hue, evokes feelings of trust and security, essential when dealing with finances.

A splash of vibrant green signifies growth and success, reflecting the potential Fundex unlocks for borrowers and investors.

Finally, a touch of pink adds a hint of creativity and energy, representing the innovative spirit driving the platform.

logo design for the blockchain-powered loan startup
logo design for the blockchain startup


Make sure your brand image won't get lost in the market noise.

With design and branding, Outcrowd helps to reveal the essence of your brand and transform it into a powerful force that excels in results.

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