Displate.com | online shop redesign

Project overview

Displate is print collectible metal posters that make this reaaally sweet wup-wup sound when you spin them around. Plus, they look super cool no matter where you put them!Any passion you have is here, waiting to enter your collection as a Displate.

In the Displate store I was responsible for the complete redesign of the appearance. All UI elements have been designed from scratch. A new store identification was created, a new color scheme was created, a new font was selected, and a new store style guide was created.

Usage examples

Simple navigation means simple shopping

Sample components

I created many components that are used in many places in the store. All components are included in the styleguide

Sample icons

Icons are prepared in an illustrator file with editable outlines.

Full of colors

Typeface & Colors

Express youself with good typography & colours

Sample desktop pages

Some examples of desktop websites

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