Munkis — Childcare Mobile App Landing

The Munkis app landing page

Delighted to share the final puzzle piece in our journey to seamless childcare communication, the Munkis app landing page. With a lighter cream background to complement the vibrant accents, we aimed for a welcoming yet aesthetic look. Our palette and assets radiate warmth and approachability, with organic shapes lending a playful touch.

Despite the challenges, setting up an application from scratch with Capacitor surprised my colleague Ana with its ease. The transition from front-end to back-end was difficult for her at times, but we've learned to embrace simplicity in decision-making. Collaborating with Ana has been enriching; collaborating on the design process firsthand and sharing ideas with each other has been rewarding.

In summary, creating Munkis has been an incredible learning and collaborative experience. I can't wait to see where it will take us! 🚀

We're giving kindergartens a free trial to try Munkis! ✨ Get in touch at!

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