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We're usually all about showcasing client projects, but today we're turning the spotlight inward with a glimpse into our own brand uplift. Redesigning our own space has been a unique journey of introspection and creativity. 🎨✨

🔍 Visual Identity Refresh

  • Logo Loyalty: We've held onto our logo, a cornerstone of our brand since 2016, as a nod to our enduring legacy amidst this sea of change. It's a symbol of our roots that we felt essential to preserve "for now".

  • Palette Refresh: We've shifted our color scheme to a sleek Black and White, stepping away from the BB Dark Green of the past three years. Neon Green stays as a vibrant link to our "Green" heritage, complemented by the new "Purple Haze" for a touch of modern flair. This update isn't just about looks; it's about enhancing our marketing versatility and ensuring our client work shines through.

  • Typography Tweaks: Our commitment to Lota Grotesque stands firm, echoing our broad reach. The shift to a 24pt base font is more than an update—it's a pledge to clarity, inclusivity, and accessibility in our communication.

 🌐 Website Overhaul Insights:

  • UI Evolution: Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, our UI has undergone thoughtful refinement. The introduction of a fluid grid system means our digital domain is now more adaptable than ever, ensuring our story and visuals captivate universally.

  • UX Enhancements: Simplification was our mantra, integrating "insights" into our blog and distilling our service offerings for greater coherence. Spotlighting our achievements, we aim to make our narrative, our contributions, and our impact resonate more profoundly with our audience.

  • Motion Magic: Motion design is now a pivotal element of our storytelling, injecting vitality into every piece of content. Whether it's through our "Our Approach" video or animated case studies, we're crafting narratives that pulse with the lifeblood of BB Agency.

 🗣️ Communication Evolution:

  • Partnership-Driven Dialogue: As our voice has evolved, so has our focus on meaningful collaborations and impactful endeavors. Our refreshed mission and values are a testament to our commitment to effecting real change, one digital solution at a time.

  • Content Renaissance: Our aim is to be at the forefront of thought leadership, sharing the essence of our work and the authentic stories that emerge from our partnerships. It's about fostering a community grounded in shared wisdom and tangible experiences.


🎯 Behind the Rebrand

This journey is more than a mere aesthetic update; it's a significant milestone that marks our growth and our preparedness to forge deeper connections. We're not just adapting; we're setting the pace, ready to collaborate with partners who are eager to leave a digital imprint.We're thrilled to unfold this new chapter with you, our vibrant creative community, and we're eager to hear your thoughts. Together, let's keep inspiring, collaborating, and pushing the boundaries.

Let the adventure continue!


With numerous individuals involved, it's best not to name names to avoid unintentional omissions. Nonetheless, hats off to so many members of the BB team for their contributions in bringing this to fruition. Fantastic work by all!


We are BB Agency

We are a partner for digital evolution, merging creativity and technology for holistic growth.

We join forces with companies dedicated to addressing real human needs. Leveraging our full-cycle digital capabilities, we shape brands, experiences, and products that enrich the lives of millions every single day.

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