Finance|able - Website for the financial educational platform

About the project

Finance|able is a training platform with financial courses, created to fill the void in the market for approachable, intuitive finance career training.

Our goal was to create a contemporary and refined website that prioritizes optimized functionality.


website design for the training platform with financial courses

The main task

Our main task during this project was to effectively showcase our client's expertise in the Financial education field while enhancing the website's overall appeal and credibility.

We focused on revamping the content and design to highlight their industry knowledge and experience, incorporating testimonials and client success stories to increase social proof.

landing page design for the financial educational platform

The results

After our research, we refreshed the website which serves as a showcase of our client's expertise in the financial education domain, effectively highlighting their industry knowledge and experience.

By incorporating engaging content and social proof elements, we increased the level of trust among visitors. This not only led to a noticeable uptick in website traffic but also contributed to a significant improvement in course enrollments and student engagement.

Overall, our efforts resulted in a more impactful online presence, solidifying our client's position as a trusted authority in financial education.

landing page for the educational platfrom
website design for the EdTech startup


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