Osmo – Hero Header Concept

Hi everyone, I have created a new hero header concept to update the 🔗 Echo Hero Header Builder 🔗 pack in the Figma Community.

🔗 Duplicate your version here. 🔗

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In this concept, I would like to include some slides in the hero header. They will automate after a few sections when users see them. Of course, for each one, I want to illustrate something easy for users to understand the message that the landing page is conveying. You can build a product faster with spatial computing.

Think, see, and create.

What is Echo Hero Header Builder?

Echo - Hero Header Builder offers 47 modern, minimal, and professional Hero Headers for your website. The header is a crucial element that represents your identity and purpose at first glance. It's essential to have an appealing and attention-grabbing header, which is why I have designed a variety of styles that are easily customizable.

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