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Two screens of Munkis app' UI

Excited to unveil Munkis, a side project we’ve built using our flexible working hours at Z1. The idea sparked when, in the midst of my digital world, I found myself juggling a paper agenda from my daughter's daycare Livia. Lightbulb moment? You bet. Teaming up with my colleague Ana, lead frontend developer at Z1, we embarked on a mission to improve the way kindergartens communicate with children’s relatives.

What started as a fun side project soon became an app, with Ana's backend prowess driving the bulk of the work.

Three screens of Munkis App UI

Crafting a beautiful and functional app proved challenging, but through prioritization and a focus on MVP, Munkis emerged as a suite of products aimed at simplifying daycare communication for everyone involved.

Munkis offers three products in one subscription: management software for centers, an app for educators to log in, daily updates, and another app for families and caregivers to stay informed. It's a solution designed to streamline the lives of both centers and families.

Request a demo or reach out to us with any inquiries at!

Let Munkis inspire you as much as it has inspired us. 🥰

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