1957 Chevy Corvette Roadster Vector Drawing

In my personal quest to test all the best vector software that is being developed lately, I decided to create another illustration in Affinity Designer to try their latest beta.

Again, a car is a good model to get to test some of the available tools while working, with its materials, gradients, shades, filters, softness and hardness and booleans are needed.

It is simply really nice working with this app ( despite some issues such as still not having a knife which I really miss, and other things as motion blur, and the many colour pickers that keep me getting confused every now and again, or the fact that I can't yet understand why they have the blending modes for filters set to things such as multiply or screen by default, and also quite hidden to find out they are like this, which I've seen gets users (and even some tutors!) confused, and please if anyone can explain to me the reason I may see it clearer, but in general, the performance of this vector software is astounding, with its super easy learning curve and its "plasticine like" feel while drawing.

The accuracy you get when dealing with filters, the possibility of incrementing by small amounts 0.1, 0.2 and still telling the difference, the many features and options and nice and smooth performance in general, makes it really attractive.

Now, they have added art boards to their latest beta!

Posted on Nov 26, 2015

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