The Dapper Dragon Logo

Waaay way way back I had a friend approach me about branding he wanted for a board game tavern, and it was one of those moments where you're like 1) oh no, a friend has asked for design work and I really don't feel comfortable asking for money because I don't think they expect to pay and 2) I have the most perfect idea that I can't say no. So here we ended up with this guy. One of it's earlier stages I had the belly have stripes or no stripes, and I made the ever foolish mistake of posting the comparison to Instagram to ask my followers which was the way to go- however that got reposted by Logo Inspirations which then led to me being adviced to death by about 10,000 logo bros on if it should have stripes or not. All and all, it was a good time, led to absolutely no design decisions whatsoever, and everything got ruined when the client said afterwards, "I'm sorry, but it just looks like a candy cane with stripes." Amazing how clients can do that sometimes.

Anyways, it never got used, but I liked making it. I have no idea which fonts those are, so if you know, let me know- like I said, I made this years back and I am way too early into my coffee to go galavanting around to FindMyFont or whatever tells you what you used.

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