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Embrace your saucy side with Bigbun™, a burger house with big personality and even bigger buns. Bigbun is a vibrant endeavour crafted with a whimsical and tongue-in-cheek ambiance for those who are big on taste. With a playful spirit at its core, the project showcases character illustrations representing the brand's three signature burger flavours: Veg, Beef and Chicken. Each character was crafted to embody the essence of its personified burger, blending elements of fun, exaggeration, and larger-than-life personalities. 

A set of various bespoke illustrations were created to extend the tone of voice of the brand, maintaining consistency and reinforcing the brand's playful identity across various platforms. With the focus on the themes; big, fun, and tongue-in-cheek, the illustrations serve as captivating visual assets that not only reflect the unique charm of the Bigbun brand but also enhance its brand presence in a memorable and engaging manner.

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