MEZZO: Editable Illustrator Grain Textures - Now Available!

DKNG's first digital download is now available! MEZZO is a simple and easy to use five-page Adobe Illustrator file that contains everything you need to make live and editable grain textures in Illustrator. The download includes live examples of editable textures paired with instructions on how to build and colorize your own art using the provided textures. From gradients to solid fills to strokes, there's a grain texture for a variety of applications. Also included is a tips and tricks troubleshooting section, as well as sample cover art using the texture techniques that can be used as a starting point to get started with the various texturizing techniques. The grain textures are copy and paste ready, or you can also use the preloaded graphic styles to quickly apply one of the seven provided grain textures to your own work.

Making art like it's our job.

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