Join - Branding design for a new-gen social network

branding design for the social network app

Unite and Engage with branding

Imagine a social network that breaks down barriers, fostering meaningful connections between individuals, ideas, and communities. That's the essence of Join, and its vibrant visual identity perfectly reflects this mission.

logo design for the social network app

About Logo

The name speaks volumes: "Join" evokes a sense of unity and belonging. The logo, featuring a dynamic dialogue bubble, visually reinforces this theme.

Its flexible form acts as a container for various content, showcasing the platform's diverse possibilities for connection.

visual identity for the SaaS startup

About Colors

Emotional resonance takes center stage with the bold color palette.

Purple, the primary hue, is known for its empathic qualities, fostering a positive and engaging online experience.

Accents of pink and yellow add a touch of playfulness and energy, encouraging active participation.

logo design for the new social app
brand identity for the startup

The results

The overall design is bright, dynamic, and instantly recognizable, perfectly capturing the current trends of connectivity and global communication.

In essence, Join's visual identity doesn't just represent the platform; it embodies its very purpose - to unite.


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