Inno - Logo design for the digital bank

logo design for the digital bank company

Banking as it Should Be - Simple, Smart, and Secure

Inno is the digital bank that breaks free from the confines of tradition and embraces contemporary convenience. With its commitment to simplicity, transparency, and accessibility, Inno makes banking a seamless experience instead of a tedious chore.

logo for the fintech startup

Logo Ideation

The logo is a true masterpiece of minimalism. Its compact square form unites four powerful symbols - a coin representing financial stability, a vault signifying security, an aspirational arrow, and a growth sprout reflecting future potential. It's a versatile chameleon that seamlessly adapts to any platform.

color palette for the digital bank brand


Dive into the immersive, secure world of Inno, embodied by a palette of calming purples. But don't be fooled โ€“ friendliness, openness, and energy burst forth with vibrant orange accents. Together, they create a dynamic atmosphere that welcomes everyone.

Font & Patterns

Rounded geometric fonts lend a modern touch, while the playful interconnectivity of the logo's elements forms a unique pattern. This visual language whispers of approachability and innovation, perfectly in sync with Inno's core values.

logo design for the digital bank brand


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