Fourplay Golf (4Play Golf)

Fourplay, also more provocatively referred to as 4Play, needed a playful logotype for both name variants, with both their own short versions. Creating a versatile collection of logos for different occasions, while still visually linked to each-other. 

4Play and 4 short version.

After numerous failed attempts, the idea to integrate the word play into a bigger 4 hit me. This particular "4" came very natural, it was very simplistic and has the potential to extend very well out of the letters "play". Initially out of the "p and y", but the "l and y" ended up being a more readable/natural solution. 

The short version, or simplified version, removes the "play" script and uses the "L" to extend through the baseline into the foot of the "4".  

Extension to Fourplay and the Fp, F short versions.

The idea for the Fourplay variation was to create the "Four" out of the "play" letters, and create a seamless extension from the "4Play" variation to the "Fourplay" variation. 

Used the bowl of the "p and a" to make the "o", the "y" was the foundation of the "u" and the right side of the "r" is based on the "u". 

The bottom part of the "F" has a cheeky 4 hidden inside. 

The full collection.

Thanks for reading, hope you like it!

Paul von Excite
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