Car App - Monochromatic - CA180201259


Introducing a ElectroDash (UI Challange project), your sleek companion for navigating the electric car revolution. Embracing a monochromatic aesthetic, ElectroDash delivers a sophisticated user experience across three key screens.

Dashboard: Keep your journey in check with a minimalist dashboard interface. Effortlessly monitor battery levels, range, and vital vehicle statistics at a glance, all presented in a refined grayscale palette that exudes modern elegance.

Charge Station Locator: Seamlessly locate nearby charging stations with ElectroDash's intuitive map interface. Whether you're planning a long journey or simply need a quick top-up, easily find compatible stations within your vicinity, all presented in the same striking monochromatic theme for a cohesive user experience.

Door Management: Take control of your vehicle's access with ElectroDash's door management feature. Lock and unlock doors with ease, utilizing a clean and intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your electric car's system, all while maintaining the app's sophisticated monochromatic design language.

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