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Together, VOYA Digital and Hayat Finans embarked on a mission to create intuitive and compelling UI/UX designs.

Project Insights

Hayat Finans enlisted our expertise to create a revolutionary internet branch, designed to offer its users round-the-clock access to banking services, enabling them to effortlessly conduct transactions at any time and from any location. Our mission was to devise a platform that not only meets the convenience and accessibility demands of modern banking users but also aligns with the stringent legal frameworks characteristic of the banking industry. 

Throughout the development process, we carefully crafted user flows and visual designs with a keen emphasis on simplicity and usability. This approach ensures that the platform is intuitively navigable for all users, regardless of their technological savvy, while smoothly integrating into the broad and regulated corporate structure of the banking sector. The result is a user-centric digital banking experience that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in meeting the complex needs of Hayat Finans and its customers.

Project Framework

In a time when remote work prevailed, the VOYA team undertook the ambitious project of building a digital bank from the ground up. Comprised of talented individuals from various fields, they gathered around a shared goal: to offer a banking experience that is not only user-friendly and secure but also cutting-edge.

The key to the VOYA team's success was their unified vision, the value they placed on cross-disciplinary collaboration, and their perseverance against adversities. Even with the challenges posed by remote work, they achieved effective communication and teamwork, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.


In the initial research phase, VOYA conducts an in-depth analysis of user needs, behaviors, and challenges by employing strategies such as interviews and data analytics. 
This foundational work is pivotal in shaping the design strategy.

UX Design

Throughout the design stage, 
VOYA develops wireframes and prototypes
to visually map out potential solutions.
These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.

UI Design

In the exploration phase, VOYA meticulously investigates user requirements, actions, and challenges by utilizing techniques such as interviews and data analytics. 
This thorough examination is crucial for guiding the design strategy efficiently.

Testing & Hypotheses

In the evaluation phase, VOYA seeks feedback on these prototypes from users, scrutinizes usability, and refines the designs accordingly. This cyclical refinement process is crucial to ensure the end product aligns with user expectations and requirements.


During the design phase, VOYA undertakes the creation of wireframes and prototypes again, this time focusing on visualizing the solutions more concretely. These serve as the foundational blueprints dictating the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.

Technical Assistance

We facilitated the software team's accurate implementation of designs into code, ensuring a seamless translation of visual concepts into functional applications. Our guidance helped maintain design integrity throughout the development process, aligning technical execution with creative vision.

VOYA Hayat Finans Design Statics

Design System

VOYA Team carefully organized over 750 elements and components, including colors, typography, and buttons, into a systematic and streamlined structure. This extensive collection facilitated a rapid acceleration of the design workflow, enabling the team to achieve consistency and efficiency across all projects. By standardizing these fundamental design elements, VOYA ensured that every aspect of their user interfaces would harmoniously align, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the usability of their products.

750+ Design System Components

This approach not only sped up the design process but also guaranteed that each project adhered to a unified visual language, reinforcing the brand's identity and improving user experience across the board.

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Responsive DesignFor Mobile Experience

For Hayat Finans, VOYA designed a seamless mobile responsive interface that enables users to effortlessly carry out transactions on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for a dedicated app.
This approach ensures a streamlined and user-friendly experience, facilitating banking activities directly from their smartphones.

Hayat Finans Responsive Design
VOYA responsive Designs

This journey, characterized by unwavering dedication, innovative problem-solving, and deep collaboration, showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital banking. We move forward with anticipation, ready to lead off by new ventures and continue our journey of excellence.

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