Qreato: Landing Page

Hi everyone!

Returning with bright screens of Qreato project. This time we wanna give you more details about it's landing page.

You are looking at a main landing page, where all the traffic was supposed to go: both content authors and their subscribers. And that was a challenge 😅

We needed to tell both categories of clients about the benefits of the project in a clear and interesting way.

To make communication more human and playful, we used hand-drawn graphics and two different text styles in headlines. We also made some interactive screens with scroll based animations to focus more attention on important parts and further engaging the user in exploring the content.

You can see examples of some of these animations in a previous post. And in the next one we gonna show the main functionality of the service.



UI Designers: Margaret Plotkina, Maxim Berg

Branding: Designpunkt

Project Manager: Olga Krupps

Art Director: Maxim Berg

Made by Sick.

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