Kula & Kō Logo Illustrated by Steven Noble

KULA & CO Treating Pineapples Like Royalty From an inky sketch to a finished brand identity illustrated by the illustrious Steven Noble, the brand captures both the elegance and whimsy of a modern treat with historical roots.

A confectionery bakeshop had a new pineapple cake product that they wanted to market as a premium, locally-made gift item for tourists visiting Hawaii. The brand identity, story and name for the product was applied to packaging and business cards.

Inspired by the rich history of Hawaii’s plantation era, Kula & Ko takes its name from the Hawaiian words for gold (kula) and sugarcane (ko).

The product packaging was designed primarily for an upscale clientele seeking a premium product to purchase as gifts. While the box shape and dimensions were largely dictated by the size of the cakes, extensive pattern explorations led to an abstracted pineapple pattern which was applied to the boxes in luxurious gold foil.

Steven Noble
Original Illustrations from World Renowned Illustrator

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