Metal Brick Waves

Wallpapers of this design are available here:

Sometimes you fall off your horse.

Sometimes you look at that horse, and you say "Look horse, I'm going to ride you again. You see all those trophies we have on the wall? You know the legacy and the legend we leave behind? WE'RE NOT DONE YET." And then you get back on that horse, no matter how stubborn it is, no matter how difficult it makes it. And you ride it like you know what you're doing - because you have to, because you're as good as dead where you already stand. You have the experience to know that if you don't, you'll lose all relevance in the world's eyes as 5 others come to take your place.

And that's me getting back into the swing of motion graphics after the slump of creative productivity I've had this year. Things in life are DAMN good - I'm the happiest I've ever been, to be honest - but my creative productivity is down, and I really want for the graphic work that I do to flow naturally again. It currently feels like I'm fighting through an intellectual arthritis to get back into my own craft.

I also have the problem where I compare each of my new designs to the best pieces in my archives, and some of the newer designs just can't compare, so I'm demotivated to complete and post them. It's a struggle when I'm not comfortable with how my most recent work might be judged relative to my own previous works. It's double struggle when internally, I'm the one saying that this design isn't as good as a previous design. "Screw it", I have to say to myself. "The best pieces come from inspiration, momentum and flow - and momentum is exactly what I need to build now." And so I will try to build momentum. Some of my upcoming designs may get simpler for a while while I build momentum. Let's hope that I can get back on this horse for another year, and make some beautiful designs again along the way. PS: I know nothing about horses.

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back on the horse after a few months out of whatever your flow is? How do you fight through that? Did you end up returning to, or surpassing your former glory when you got back into your craft?

This design's inspiration was sponsored by some painted brick walls I saw while driving home from work along a different path than normal due to a traffic jam.

Higher resolution of the animation and an image of the brick-work that inspired this design can be found here:

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