Hexa Heart - Logo - Smart Watch App

Introducing the Hexa Heart logo! It's a fusion of a heart and hexagonal rings, symbolizing precision and vitality. This design reflects our app's focus on seamlessly displaying health data in a user-friendly format.

App logo & derivatives

The Hexa Heart logo is designed to be simple yet instantly recognizable. Its clean and minimalist aesthetic ensures easy identification across various formats and sizes. Whether displayed on a smartwatch screen or printed on promotional materials, the logo maintains its integrity and impact, serving as a visual beacon for our app's commitment to seamless health monitoring.

Two images & centered logo
HEXA HEART : Text logo on blank page

The colors of the Hexa Heart logo are chosen for their harmony and vitality. Blue soothes and inspires trust, green symbolizes growth and renewal, while orange evokes energy and passion. Together, these colors create a dynamic and welcoming visual identity for our application.

Color palet

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