MOYO – New update for Echo Hero Header Builder

Hi guys, I'm excited to share with you a new hero header concept I've created for 🔗 Echo Hero Header Builder 🔗, which is trending on Figma Community. You can download it here and receive free updates in the future.

In this concept, I would like to bring the geometry illustration, including typography, to illustrate a short headline. With this hero header concept, you can start a cool landing page effortlessly.

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What is 🔗 Echo Hero Header 🔗?

🔗 Echo - Hero Header Builder 🔗 offers 44 modern, minimal, and professional Hero Headers that represent your website's identity and purpose at first glance. Customize these headers easily to suit various industries such as corporate, business, design agency, travel, fintech, design system management, SAAS websites, and more.

Effortlessly kickstart your website design with 🔗 Echo - Hero Header Builder 🔗. Save time with drag-and-drop functionality and define your design direction. Get all 44 hero headers for just $40, which means you pay only $0.90 for each one. Don't miss out on this amazing deal! 🥳

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