Animated bento grid - learning platform ✨

Allow me to introduce you to Skillagora, the agile solution designed by the @Betomorrow agency to accelerate collective intelligence!

Skillagora is the ideal platform for skill-sharing ! ✨

Share your expertise, engage with your agora’s members, and breathe life into the topics that ignite your passion! Support speakers’ topics and watch your knowledge grow.

Bento design elements dark theme

I’ve spent over a year developing this platform, and I’m excited to showcase some design elements across various devices: mobile, website, and the online platform.

While the dark theme hasn’t been implemented yet, I’m eager to explore this new facet of the product.

What are your thoughts? 🧐

Bento design elements
3D scene with screens

Curious to learn more?

Visit to delve into the details. 👀


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