Alma - New Interface Design

Project: Alma Restaurant

Industry: Food and Beverage

Date: February 2021

Location: 🇨🇴 Colombia

Tools: Premier - Wordpress - Illustrator

Link to Project: View Live Site

Taste the Soul of Cartagena: Alma's Digital Transformation

Alma, the vibrant restaurant pulsating within Casa San Agustín's historic walls, has captured the essence of Cartagena on a plate for years. Now, with Toro Design Studio's expertise, Alma's magic spills onto the digital landscape, enticing a global audience.


Design a modern website and compelling brand identity that captures Alma's unique blend of colonial charm, trendy vibrancy, and exquisite Colombian cuisine.

The Solution:

Brand Identity with Cartagena's Flair: We crafted a visual tapestry celebrating Alma's history and contemporary spirit, with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's iconic butterflies weaving a thread of enchantment throughout.

User-Friendly WordPress Website: Built on the intuitive WordPress platform, empowering Alma's team to easily update menus, promotions, and stories, keeping their digital presence fresh and engaging.

SEO Symphony: Our strategic keyword integration and optimized content propelled Alma to the top of search results, ensuring hungry travelers discover this culinary gem.


Digital Doors Swing Open: A surge of 30,000 unique visitors in the first month alone, eager to experience Alma's magic online.

Reservations Soar: New bookings seamlessly flowed through the website, fuelled by its irresistible digital charm.

Posted on Jan 25, 2024

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