Renova Living - Brand and Web Experience

Client: Renova Living

Industry: Interior Design

Date: Nov 2023

Location: 🇺🇸 USA

Tools: Figma - Webflow - Illustrator

Link to Project: View Live Site

Where Style Meets Harmony at Any Budget

Renova Living isn't just about renovations; it's about transforming spaces into stylish havens you love coming home to, all at budget-friendly prices. Whether you're craving a cozy upgrade or a complete overhaul, Renova Living's creative team brings your vision to life with expertise and care.


Forge a brand identity that speaks to your desire for:

Effortless Style: Renova Living understands that style is personal. We offer a diverse range of options to personalize your space, reflecting your unique taste and budget.

Seamless Harmony: Renova Living goes beyond aesthetics. We create spaces that flow seamlessly, fostering a sense of peace and comfort in your home.

Affordable Comfort: At Renova Living, we believe beautiful homes shouldn't break the bank. We offer transparent pricing and flexible options to make your dream space a reality.

Building the Renova Vision:

Inclusive Inspiration: Forget the boring beige and sterile whites. Renova Living's vibrant color palette and bold patterns embrace diversity and creativity, empowering you to make your own design choices.

Modern Muse: We draw inspiration from contemporary trends and timeless classics, crafting spaces that feel fresh and inviting without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Couple Power: Renova Living celebrates the couples who make a house a home. Our branding and messaging connect with the collaborative spirit of creating a shared space you both love.

Webflow Whirlwind: We built a dynamic, user-friendly website in Webflow, showcasing the Renova Living experience through stunning visuals and intuitive navigation.

Collateral Collection: From logos and slogans to marketing materials and uniforms, we created a cohesive brand identity that extends beyond the digital realm.


Outcome: Renova Living is shaking up the renovation scene. In just one month after launch, they've secured new deals thanks to their fresh approach and commitment to affordable style. More importantly, they're making dreams a reality, one happy homeowner at a time.

Posted on Jan 25, 2024

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