Grappus 2023 wrapped

We don’t really dwell in the past much - what’s done is done. But in this flood of ‘year-wrapped’ videos, we were feeling a bit left out. So straight from our messy figma archives, we stitched together a choppy recap.

Some quick highlights: We created a brand and product for Millgrove. And a new site for NF10x. We partnered with Jio to build a live 360 player for the IPL (and some other secret stuff). We created a massive product for Grey Orange and helped mCampus rebrand. We worked with Wizr to reimagine the online learning experience and with Humanity Health to build the future of talent acquisition. We worked on a thing with Ludolabs, started on a crypto gaming platform for BetBlack and helped Sitime on another cool thing. We worked with about 30 other amazing clients, but we know you’re busy, so we’ll end it here. 

It was a jam packed year. We hired a lot of smart people, went on a retreat to the mountains, opened up a new office in Goa, and hit our 10-year mark. We have some very exciting things in the works that we can’t wait to share. But right now we just want to thank the people at Grappus - a truly remarkable bunch.

Let’s go, 2024!

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